About Visions

Visions Badminton Academy based at Cranford and Torquay. 

In association with Cranford Club, Exmouth http://www.cranfordsportsclub.com/ , a Badminton England Premier Club.

The Visions Way Head coaches Sue Williams and Darren Peterson share a common coaching ethos of quality first and foremost in all aspects of training and performance.
Low player to coach/court ratios– as players reach the higher levels of national play they will often spend more time in one or two player sessions so they are working at their highest level.

Good quality courts and shuttles
– wherever possible we try to use courts with wooden floors- elite players cannot train or move properly on solid floors this will only lead to injury.

Training for tournaments– sessions are fitted around the tournament schedule , nearly all visions players are soon playing on the national circuits, this means training is mostly away from weekends in the season and allows for recovery and peaking to suit the individual player’s programme.

Coaching at tournaments
Suzanne and Darren often travel with players to tournaments, a large part of a player’s improvement comes at tournaments and coaches can only coach effectively if they see their players perform at tournaments.

Quality Coaches
While a coaching badge is easily achieved becoming a top coach takes time, passion, skill, effort and experience. The visions coaching staff constantly seek out the most innovative training methods and study the current world class players for inspiration.

Ability Based Coaching
When we run coaching for groups it is done on the basis of ability. We tailor physical training to the athlete’s needs and development. Age is not relevant to groupings as long as the player can fit in socially and work at the level they need to.

Train with Devon’s most successful coaches and Devon’s best players.  Contact coach@visionsbadminton.co.uk

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